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Great kit, qualified instructors and top quality beach sailing

Our sailing centre in Mauritius offers you the widest range of catamarans, monohull dinghies and windsup boards  on the island. and, of course, the personal attention and dedication that you’d expect from a Wildwind holiday. As the only RYA recognised centre on the island we guarantee excellent standards of safety and instruction levels. Unlike most other sailing centres, there is no extra charge for joining in any of our RYA-certified training courses Click here to see our RYA certificate and find out more about the courses we offer.

Two distinct sailing areas

There are two distinct sailing areas. We are based on the only part of the Mauritian coast to have a large deep enough sailing area inside. The lagoon here then, right in front of the hotel, is a perfectly safe area to practice your sailing skills. Venture just outside the reef and you’ll find stronger winds - the best on the island - as well as rolling waves that allow you to blast away in controlled sessions at sea. The more adventurous can join our day long sail-aways in which we explore the smaller, exotic islands nearby or our new two-day 50 km ‘Raid’ sails to the Ile d’Ambre with an overnight stay.

An excellent fleet

Our fleet of Hobie Pacifics and Hobie 16s are all kitted out with spinnakers to take advantage of the consistent Mauritian trade winds and rolling waves to surf downwind. The Hobie 14 is fun enough without: these were the conditions it was made for and the Hobie 15 is an ideal learning platform.

The dinghy fleet includes Laser Picos, Laser Bugs and an RS Quba all brilliant choices for kids and for those learning to sail. Our Olympic class Laser 1s come with a full range of sail sizes and are available for improvers and experts alike.

Similarly, we offer Laser 2000s, which are ideal as teaching boats and for those with some experience to go out on their own. Our performance RS 500 single trapeze skiffs are perfect for our more capable clients and superb for our highly qualified instructors to teach more advanced skills, such as a symmetric spinnaker handling.

Our windSUP fleet is comprised of Starboard and Exocet boards, designed for both Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) adventures and for learning how to windsurf. You can use these boards to progress to planing when conditions are right.
With a maximum of 20 guests on site at any one time and 9 single handed and 11 double handed boats there are always craft available.
Dinghies:  3 Laser Bugs, 1 RS Quba, 3 X Laser Pico, 5 x Laser 1 (all rig sizes), 2 x Laser 2000, 2 x RS 500.   Catamarans:  1 x Hobie 14, 2 x hobie 15,  4 x Hobie 16 LE Race, 2 X Hobie Pacific.  7 Windsup boards for stand up paddle boarding and windsurfing and 3 beginner windsurf boards.

Friendly and professional instructors

Wildwind has more than 30 years’ experience organising sailing holidays for guests at our flagship base in Greece, with our instructors receiving praise and plaudits every week of the season. As you’d expect, we are an RYA recognized sailing centre, guaranteeing you the highest standards of safety and teaching.

We are the only RYA approved sailing holiday in the Indian Ocean. In Mauritius we have combined our expertise with the unique knowledge of the local sailors (many of whom have also trained at our Greek centre) to create the best possible experience for you - on and off the water. Instruction is tailored to your needs.  Our instructor to client ratio is 1 to 4  -- some of our instructors are also experienced racers - for example Helmsley has won the Indian Ocean Games and been Mauritian National champion twice.

Free RYA certification

If you want to come home from your holiday with more than a sun tan, you can request a course that leads to certification by the British sailing organisation RYA (Royal Yachting Association). Not only do we offer the full RYA curriculum, we do so free of charge! From the basic skills course and first aid, to dinghy sailing with spinnakers, performance sailing or navigation and seamanship, we’ve got you covered. Simply talk to us about your wishes, preferably in advance or otherwise on the island when you meet the team.

You can find the complete RYA training catalogues on the website of the RYA.


For the more experienced we have two different sail-aways each week: one to Grand Bai with lunch at the Beach Cub and the other to Baie du Tombeau with a picnic on the beach.

‘The return trip is generally a reverse of the upwind sail, providing a downwind sleigh ride on rolling waves to surf all the way back to the reef entrance at the Wildwind centre’  Yachts & Yachting

Long distance sailing raid

Harnessing the spirit of adventure and going back to the roots of Hobie sailing we have introduced a new long distance sail – or ‘raid’ as the French fans of these so affectionately call them. These will take you 25 kms to the uninhabited nature reserve of the Ile d’Ambre to the east of Mauritius. The team will prepare a beach BBQ and guests can choose to stay overnight under the stars or in tents. The less bohemian travel back to the hotel by rib and taxi and then return the following morning to sail the 25 kms back. The trip will happen twice a month and when we have a minimum of three boats wanting to take part and the weather conditions are favourable

Regatta programme

Wildwind are organising some larger regattas for more experienced guests in which top sailors from the Mauritian Sailing Association and other local sailors will take part. The racing will be divided into a large fleet of over 20 Lasers, as well as the multihulls and other dinghies racing under a handicap system. Prizes include cups, medals and, perhaps more importantly, a bottle of famous Mauritian rum!

16th November 2019 race season kicks off

28th December 2019 The Great New Year Regatta

29th February 2020 The Red Bull Regatta

11th April 2020 The Golden Egg Easter Regatta